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Catch a glimpse behind the scenes at Edinburgh Castle as staff members blog about life at Edinburgh's famous landmark.

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Feeding the castle

Hi, my name is Adrian Knibbs, I’ve been the head chef here at Edinburgh Castle for nearly five years.  I was born in Auckland, New Zealand but have been living in Edinburgh now for 16 years, more than long enough … Continue reading »

Leaving the castle for the first time in 30 years

Mons Meg, the world’s most famous medieval gun, has now left the castle to have an MOT. The six tonne cannon was transported from Edinburgh Castle early yesterday morning (Monday 19th January) for specialist restoration and conservation work. Over the … Continue reading »

10 Things You Probably Never Knew about Edinburgh Castle

Last year we had the pleasure in producing a brand new Official Souvenir Guide for Edinburgh Castle, featuring new text, new images and a completely revamped design. You may have already spotted it in our shops! Recent research has thrown … Continue reading »

Decking the Halls

It’s that time of year – Christmas has arrived at the castle! This week our beautiful Noble Fir Christmas Tree was delivered to our Great Hall. With its superb late-medieval ceiling and vibrant red walls, our tree looks very fitting … Continue reading »