An Old Castle Through Young Eyes

My brother Zak and I have been learning about Scottish history at school, so our Mum decided to help bring it to life with a trip to Edinburgh Castle. When we got there we decided to stop for lunch first, … Continue reading »

Let the wedding planning commence!

I got engaged back in June 2014 in Orkney, which was beautiful and very unexpected! The whirlwind of the engagement was amazing – but as soon as the parties and celebrations stopped, the reality of planning my wedding day became slightly … Continue reading »

Top 10 Highlights

Are you coming to see us over the next couple of months? There really is a lot to fit in to a visit; 3000 years of history to be precise. Get the most out of your trip to our mighty … Continue reading »

Did You Know? Five Castle Facts

Edinburgh castle is full of intriguing stories, fascinating facts and dastardly tales. This week, we take a look at five you may not have heard…